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How to Stop Dumping Your Stress Onto Your Kids

[ad_1] “I was wondering if anyone has noticed a correlation between their level of stress and the way they have handled their child?” writes Circle of Moms member Haley H. “For instance being short fused on bad days, etc.?” Absolutely! I think parents are just plain worn out! Many parents, especially …

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New Rapid Ebola Test Shows Promise in African Clinics

[ad_1] New Rapid Ebola Test Shows Promise in Clinics Researchers say speedy detection would dramatically improve containment efforts WebMD News from HealthDay By Mary Elizabeth Dallas HealthDay Reporter FRIDAY, June 26, 2015 (HealthDay News) — A new rapid-detection test that diagnoses Ebola within minutes could improve treatment of …

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What to Feed a Toddler Who Eats a Lot (But No Tomatoes)

[ad_1] By Amelia Morris Today, see how Amelia Morris from Bon Appétempt satiates her hungry sixteen-month-old, whose nickname is “Bottomless.” More: 10 of Clara’s favorite make-ahead meals My meal strategy for my sixteen-month-old son, Teddy, usually involves feeding him whatever is leftover from last night’s dinner. He eats a lot. …

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