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You Can Now Get a Disability-Inclusive Paper Doll Set

[ad_1] Clothing company Matilda Jane Clothing (MJC) has joined the movement helping to change the face of beauty all across the globe. MJC designs unique and stylish apparel for women and girls, and this year they teamed up with nonprofit Changing the Face of Beauty to help diversify the types …

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A Letter to My Daughter About My Divorce

[ad_1] Dear Daughter: In just a week or so, you will be 4. Your life is full of wonder and fun. You love princesses, fairies, My Little Pony, The Muppets, drawing, singing, playing pretend, dancing, chocolate, stickers, books, and Snoopy. You tell me your opinion on everything, yet still beg …

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10-Minute Moves For Strength, Speed and Agility

[ad_1] Credit: Jay Sullivan 1 of 8 Be light on your feet From Health magazine Super-fun workout alert: Leap into these moves (based on Equinox’s Blockbuster Body class) designed to make you stronger, faster, and more agile. To get totally toned from this shape-up—co-created by Lisa Wheeler, Equinox’s national creative …

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Moving Onwards – Your Seven-Year-Old

[ad_1] Your son is now seven and showing improvements in his physical, cognitive and social development. It might be tempting to think he’ll get most of the support he needs at school, and he is practicing and developing vital skills there, but you still have an important role in helping …

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Is My Newborn Normal?

[ad_1] Is My Newborn Normal? To help prepare you for those first hours, days, and weeks of life, here’s a head-to-toe guide to newborn health. Reviewed by Anita Schroff, MD The moment your newborn is delivered, you’re bound to heave a heavy sigh of relief now that baby has …

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